Shiatsu can alleviate most conditions.

hiatsu is a way to assist the natural healing power that resides in everyone. It is a Japanese form of bodywork, that uses touch on traditional acupuncture points, it includes stretches and massage techniques to balance the body and mind. Treatments are fully clothed and take place on a futon or on the floor.

Shiatsu can alleviate most conditions.

lice Doherty - Zen Shiatsu Practitioner

I have been practicing Shiatsu for twenty years. I studied at the Bristol and Bath Schools of Shiatsu and have practiced all over the world, in Thailand, India, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Through my own experience of giving and receiving Shiatsu it became apparent that there is a direct connection between mind and body well being and that the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine that Shiatsu is based on, very effectively dealt with the human being as a whole, acknowledging the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects that can affect our health. I have been absolutely absorbed by this practice and its concepts such as Ki,(universal energy), yin yang theory and macrobiotics ever since

Treatments cost:

1hr: £30
1/2hr: £20

First session Half price


"I have been attending Alice's Shiatsu treatments for over five years and have recommended the treatment received to many work colleagues and friends as it really made a difference."
Rachel, Brown